Jeet Kune Do

In this class we teach you how to decode violence & become skilled at protecting yourself in quick time frame, by using our distinctive program. You will love this class its designed for the average person, we can take anyone no matter your age, size,  and show you how to really protect yourself if you have to. How we do this is though our amazing experienced coaching and our skill development program to help you excel quickly. This program consists of multiple systems from Filipino kali, Thai boxing, wing Chung, Savate, Boxing, Iccs Krav Maga, and Jiu Jitsu we derived these concepts came from the ‘OG’ the late Bruce Lee to take what is useful and disregard what is useless. What we’ve done is brought these ideas into reality based system and present time. We don’t believe in using ancient systems in their forms. Times change you have to evolve to survive.


Consider these facts-

  • 31 percent of rapes occur in the perpetrator’s house.
  • 26 percent of rapes happen in the victim’s house.
  • 38 percent of rape victims say they were raped by a friend or acquaintance.
  • Only 25 percent of rapes actually result in an arrest